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After 3 Years DON'T GIVE UP the Undertale Slayer arrives on 9/16/19! Please enjoy this final up to date demo featuring the latest content, illustrated portraits, and an original soundtrack!

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DON’T GIVE UP is a comedic RPG about a mentally ill game dev trying to find success in life who becomes wrapped up in the manifestations of his own inner demons. You'll delve into your subconscious in order to face darkness and an evil entity intent on unraveling your mind, all while fending off pizza bullies, social anxiety, and male pattern baldness!

In DON’T GIVE UP: A Cynical Tale you can expect::

  • An original cynical comedy about overcoming emotional destruction and self discovery
  • 2 Story lines between 2 worlds
  • FRESH real time combat system that constantly switches between player and enemy advantage
  • A charming town FULL of stuff to explore like arcades, strip clubs, burger joints, and over hyped coffee chains
  • Over 100 UNIQUE NPCS to interact with!
  • 90's references!

Do you have what is takes to find the hero deep down inside?


(No Undertales were hurt in the making of this game and was a title bestoyed upon me by a fan that I covet highly)

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
TagsComedy, Funny, Pixel Art, Retro, Spooky, Story Rich

Install instructions

Extract and run ^_^


DGU Linux Release Demo.zip 113 MB
DGU Mac Release Demo.zip 99 MB
DGU Windows Release Demo.zip 93 MB


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Will the full version be available on GOG or here too? Would be prefer it to Steam

I played the demo for this a while back and rather enjoyed it! 

I have a few other things on my plate before getting around to playing this one, but I do plan to. Do you have an estimate on how long the game my take to beat, by any chance?

8-9 for the average player

Please make it for Android too!

I played the demo via Humble Trove and i really enjoyed this game, a bit short, but i really like the concepts and combat. Good luck to the full release!