The time has come to try and make this dream a reality!

First off, this is NOT a drill, the project IS live and you can back it here:

Why this had to happen:

I have not had the best of luck with crowdfunding in the past. And this is my first commercial game which makes it even harder, I’ve done a ton of research on how to maximize my campaign’s potential and there are some relatively unanimous steps for improving success. The core of which was launching my campaign on a Tuesday.

Originally I had planned to launch on the 1st because that’s pay day for a lot of folks, but that landed on a Saturday which is statistically the worst time of the week to launch a campaign. Since I had a Gamejolt feature planned for the 3rd I figured I’d launch on the 4th only to realize the 3rd was labor day and likely launching on the Tuesday after a holiday would also be sub par.

So, my choice was to miss most of the Gamejolt traffic by pushing it back ever further, OR launch today.

To me, having my project up when getting a large amount of traffic of folks who will follow and love my game was the much better choice than hoping random passerbys would throw money at it. So, while I’m risking a slow start, I’m rolling the dice on early next week being a nice boost to my core audience.

So let’s give it our all and try to make this a reality!

Thanks for following me this far :)


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